Using colour psychology in your web design

With so many colours to choose from, it is wise to spend some time choosing a colour scheme for your website. Understanding colour psychology will you help make an informed decision for the best choice of colours for a new website design. A list of colours and some of their more common associations are listed below.

  • Red is attention getting
  • Orange is adventurous and affordable
  • Yellow is fun and cheerful
  • Green is balancing and reflects nature
  • Turquoise is clarity of thought and communication
  • Blue is trustworthiness and honesty
  • Indigo is integrity and sincerity
  • Purple is creative and inventive
  • Magenta is compassionate, spiritual yet practical
  • Pink is loving, compassionate, understanding, youthful and romantic
  • White is simplicity, cleanliness, order and the new slate to write upon
  • Black is authority, power and control
  • Gray is neutral, refined and contemporary
  • Brown is comfort, dependability and friendliness

Also its worth not to forget when choosing colours, take into account your target audience i.e. men and women can like and dislike dislike different colours.
Ultimately what you will choose will not only say a lot about you but also how people will perceive your business.