Affordable Website Design

When it comes to website design, what does affordable mean? Affordable Website design is really a subjective meaning depending on who you ask, or what other websites you have checked over for information. We believe affordable doesn't mean cheap, which often implies poor quality, slow sites, that also perform poorly in Search Engine results. We have been building and designing websites since 2014. The majority of the websites on our Portfolio cost under £500, so we know a thing or two about affordability.

affordable web design

If you’re looking for a simple informational website of fewer than 10 pages, you can usually get that done for £400-£700. You can then add £30 per page as an estimate so adding 10 more pages would add another £300 to the design. Obviously, you’ll find prices all over the place so this is just a rough estimate to check IF you’re getting an affordable price from your web designer.

One thing all our web designs have in common regardless of budget.

  • They all look stunning, our website design is always Elegant
  • Our designs are all responsive, that look good on all devices from mobile phones to desktops. Your website is also tested on multiple web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox
  • Our websites are optimised for speed and SEO, as well as Affordable Web Design we can also advise on hosting options that will fall within your budget.

If you are looking for a new website for your business or organisation or if you are looking to refresh your current website contact us today. As well as offering affordable web design we also offer SEO Services.

Peppard Creative 

Established in 2014 we specialise in small business website design. Affordable web design in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and beyond.
We also have an office in the centre of Devon Totnes
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