Blenheim Films Website design refresh

Sometimes the smallest changes to a website's design can have massive impact on it's overall appearnce.

Our latest web site design refresh for Blenheim films. Our brief was to create a more fun and quirky site than the present site and maintain the existing site's layout. By changing the font and colour scheme and the addition of some wonderful artwork, we were able to create an entirely new looking website without changing the existing layout.

responsive web design for blenheim films

Before: Blenheim films site before refresh

Blenheim films website design refresh

After: Blenheim films site after refresh

Some closer up images show the new font faces and fantastic line art created by the owners' daughter. The careful selection of fonts and colour scene made a new site that the owner is delighted by its unique look and feel.

Blenheim films website refresh1
Blenheim films web design 1
The new webdesign can be seen at

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