July 29, 2016

Using a Call to Action in your Website design

What is a 'Call to Action'

As website designers, we always work closely with our clients often trying to improve the end user experience of the website such as a clear navigation scheme, a clean layout of the website design, and the colour pallet of the site.

Having a sensible navigation system on a website is a no-brainer, as it allows your visitors to quickly locate something of interest, for instance, more details on one of your products or services.

Another thing that can be incorporated into your website design to help guide your visitor through your website is a ‘Call to Action’ CTA. Think of CTA as a roadside sign, you can put up multiple CTA’s, however too many could become confusing.

Optimising and Placing the CTA on your Web Page

Placement of your CTA on your website design is extremely important. The call to action should be obvious to the visitor and its placement should make sense with the page's content.

Once you have a CTA in place. Make the ‘Call to Action’ stand out. There are many ways to use and implement this call-to-action. Obviously, one is using the big bold button, perhaps in a colour that is not used in the design of the website.  On this page, below this text we have added our call-action-button as an example, pretty hard to miss right? The solid block of colour, larger headline text, and the button are in keeping with the rest of our website design. In summary, the CTA can be optimised for higher click-through rates. You want to make your CTA simple. A clear, concise message, that is well designed, on the other hand, is not intimidating. Here are a few ways to optimise it:

  • Choose a contrasting colour for your CTA
  • Make the CTA clear and unambiguous
  • Keep navigation options to a minimum on page
  • Keep the page and CTA clear of clutter
  • Make the CTA consistent with the page content and offer
  • Consider repeating the CTA on long pages

When it comes to choosing a style for a Call-to-action the only limits to its design are our imaginations. Hubspot has published a list of 30 examples of call-to-action buttons.

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