Great Websites deserve great hosting

siteground website hosting

One of the most common questions we get asked by our clients is what website host we recommend for their websites. We believe great websites deserve great hosting. We can host sites via Amazon AWS, but we realise that this isn't for everyone, so we also recommend Siteground.

We do not recommend just any host. We chose SiteGround because their hosting is quick and has been optimised for WordPress. 

SiteGround is based on Google Cloud and comes with a free CDN and the SG Optimizer plugin for automatic caching and image compression.

To defend against common vulnerabilities, SiteGround will keep WordPress and your server applications up to date. They also safeguard the websites with a server firewall. 

If you're a power user, you'll appreciate SiteGround's WP-CLI tools and SSH connection. SiteGround also provides communication tools for agencies, making handling client websites much easier.

Good websites should be used in conjunction with excellent hosting! With hosting from SiteGround, you can rest assured that the hosting environment has been tailored to meet all of WordPress's needs. There is no need to change PHP settings or patch out-of-date server applications. SiteGround has your back.

CDN Included

All SiteGround websites automatically benefit from their CDN, speeding up load times by serving website assets for different locations worldwide.

Free SSL Certificates

Add free SSL certificates to all of your SiteGround-hosted websites with ease. There's no need to spend money on certificates or deal with complex signing procedures.

Managed Security & Updates

Updating your server and WordPress software is important because it protects you from various vulnerabilities. SiteGround also protects the websites by enforcing a server firewall.

Great WordPress Performance

SiteGround uses Google Cloud for lightning-fast speeds and optimises the websites with its SG Optimiser plugin, including website caching and other features.

Email Service

Email is included with all SiteGround-hosted websites. Create free custom email addresses for each of your websites.


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