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Over recent years Vinyl records have made a comeback, and sales are steadily rising; recently, they overtook CD sales in the United States.

We are big music fans in our office, often with music playing loudly in the background while we work. We were excited to create a website for airaudio.co.uk who are the exclusive UK distributor for Hana Cartridges. Hana is a Japanese company that manufacture audiophile quality cartridges for Vinyl lovers.

Moving Magnet and Moving Coil pick-up cartridges are designed to read the tiny modulations in a vinyl record's groove and convert the mechanical motion to an electrical impulse that can be amplified hi-fi system to music that we can hear and enjoy. It is a critical component to understand when trying to get the best from a turntable-based hi-fi system.

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We built the new website on WordPress. The site was designed carefully so it would look good across many devices. We spend a great deal of time in testing. Where possible, we use real physical hardware devices. Our desks are full of various devices, new and old. When hardware testing is not possible, we will use several software packages that will emulate a mobile device.

Other design elements include navigation elements that were made clear and straightforward to enable visitors to view information about the Hana product ranges quickly.

Mobile testing web design across multiple devices

image above. Mobile phone and Tablet screen size testing is an important stage of our web design process

The new website design can be viewed at www.hana-cartridges.co.uk

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