Henley Literary Festival Website refresh

We are very happy to work with the Henley Literary Festival for the second year in a row. This year as well as providing website administration services such as website uptime monitoring, security and backups we also took the opportunity to give the website cosmetic update, without changing the existing websites look and feel.

Website refresh even if it is a few minor changes as in the case of Henley Literary Festival can make major improvements on how customers percieve a website.

The main changes were cleaning up the front page so that headings were more readable and also more in line with the rest of the style of the website.

In addition to the cosmetic changes a new blog section was created and also a new footer section to the website was added. With the website having so many pages, it was felt that it was becomming hard for vistors to find relevent imformation quickly, The new footer was used to improve website navigation improving the user experiece for people visiting website.


Before the  website refresh some of the headings were difficult to read especially those over the picture tiles.

before screenshot web design refresh for henley literary festival


After the web makeover  headings are now more legible especially on smaller screens, the pink background of the headings matches elements of the logo and other elements of the site, the font was also adjusted to make it stand out more. The header section was also altered slightly so it appeared less cluttered.

screen shot of web design refresh for henley literary festival

Below are pictures of the new blog section laid out as grid and the new easier to read footer section.

web design refresh for henley literary festival

The new web design for Henley Literary Festival can be found here at www.henleyliteraryfestival.co.uk

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