How to Build an SEO Friendly Website

Are you thinking of building a new website? We can start you off on the right foot by the creating a new site and putting groundwork for a solid SEO effort to ensure your website competes in Google rankings.

We will design a website structure that is easy for Google to crawl and for a visitor to navigate we will also build fast-loading pages and help you fill them with content that radiates search relevance.

Planning a new Website

When creating a website our first stage is comprehensive planning. We ensure that site architecture is the foundation of your new web design. Websites that have well-designed structures are also easier to crawl by search engines and quicker to get indexed, while messy websites are at a disadvantage with the search engines and the users alike.

Content Creation

As well designing a website we can also help with a content strategy helping you create great content.

We can assist you with this with some of SEO services such as keyword research and competitor analysis. Carefully thought out content can explain to Google that the content is actually great. We will help you to choose your content topics carefully. Some may be extremely interesting, but never come up in search. Others may be popular, but already exploited to the fullest by your competitors. Therefore, our methodical approach is essential for building a successful content strategy for your business.

Mobile optimisation

Google is relying on the mobile version of your website when deciding how to rank it, so our web designs our designed for a good mobile experience from the outset.

We Create light pages, we try to avoid the use pop-ups and use easy navigation

Our designs are responsive having your content adjust to different screen sizes automatically.

How a user interacts on a mobile phone is different to a desktop as the screen is smaller on the mobile device and the internet connection is usually way slower. There for we build websites accordingly.

The below image illustrates to versions of the same website. One on a desktop and a site optimised for a mobile phone.

Photo of a mobile optimised web design

Analytics and Search Performance

New businesses do not have the luxury of time, they either make it quickly or they don’t make it at all. That’s why it’s crucial to start tracking your website’s performance as soon as it’s launched—it gives you a chance to correct course before it’s too late. We can set up Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools on your new website so that its search engine performance can be monitored.

Website audit

Before launching a new website we will always give it a comprehensive technical audit through a comprehensive post-launch audit. This is a service we can offer new or existing websites.

We will check crawlability and indexing issues, including for failed navigation, or missing pages, which can be more of an issue on older websites with dynamic content.

An On Page Audit is also performed which Looks at titles, headers, meta descriptions, and keyword use on any given page.

Page speed and Mobile Views are also checked again.

Perform a website audit for SEO friendly Website

Peppard Creative 

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