Make it simple, but significant

A simply designed website for a new book

Before embarking on this project the word, 'aphorism' was not really in our vocabulary. Well, now that we have completed this website for a book containing approximately 1200 aphorisms, we have an appreciation for these pithy quotes.

The object of the website was to present to the viewer a simple front end with a significant impact. The simple front page is laid out so the visitor immediately understands what the book is back and can drill down for further information.

You can view the website for the book here.

In case you are wondering what an aphorism is, here is a definition from

Aphorism is a statement of truth or opinion expressed concisely and witty manner. The term is often applied to philosophical, moral, and literary principles. To qualify as an aphorism, a statement must contain a truth revealed tersely. Aphoristic statements are quoted in writings and in our daily speech.

Anyway click here  to view the website or buy the book

a webdesign that works across all devices is responsive

"Make it simple, but significant." 

Don Draper, a fictional character on Mad Men


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