New web design Blenheim Films

We are excited to have recently completed the new affordable web design for Blenheim Films. Blenheim films have produced critically acclaimed television and feature films for over 25 years.

We were tasked to create a brand new website for the digital production and post-production company run by the award-winning filmmakers. The Website was created using the popular WordPress CMS platform. Thus, allowing the filmmakers to manage their own website, allowing them to add to their own expanding film portfolio. The Website was designed to be minimalist and easy to navigate. As a result, the front page was kept simple and clean—just a trailer to the companies new film and a few paragraphs of text in a clean font.


Blenheim Films Web design Front page


The film and TV section of the website has brief descriptions of the films and links to a more detailed page. The above photograph is a screenshot of the Website feature Blenheim films latest movie release 'Muse.'


responsive Web design page for blenheim films


The new web site for Blenheim Films can be found here.

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