October 30, 2015

Redesign Website for Davymik Ltd

Brief: Redesign Website for Davymik Ltd

Henley on Thames based Davymik Ltd had been using their existing Webpage for 7 years, and felt the need for a fresher looking and responsive website.

Technical Details:

The existing website as well as been non-responsive i.e. not mobile friendly it also had a number  SEO issues which needed to be addressed.

A new website was created that not only looked fresher using more vibrant colours, it also now uses a responsive design and renders correctly on mobile devices.

An SEO analysis was also performed on the website and a number shortcomings were addressed to improve the sites visibility on search engines.

Redesign Website for Davymik - Before

Before the website had a lot of empty space, and the site would not display correctly on mobile devices such as iPhones.
website design update (before photo)

Redesign Website for Davymik - After

After, the redesigned website use bright colours yet still retains a professional appearance. The website now displays correctly on mobile phone and tablets correctly and because of the SEO optimisation is now showing up in search engine results.

website design update

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