What are SSL Certificates and why you should have them

So you have implemented your new web design and performed an SEO audit and started out on your SEO Campaign. What else should you be considering to make your site more reputable and trustworthy.

What are SSL Certificates

SSL and Secure Certificates provide security for your website by encrypting communications between the server and the person visiting the website.
SSL certificates are most useful in e-commerce sites or any site that requires users to provide personal information such as address, payment details, etc. An SSL certification can ensure that these details cannot be stolen by malicious parties.

Unfortunately, using SSL will not guarantee that your website won’t be hacked. SSL can merely prevent third-parties from “eavesdropping” on your activities and it can minimize the chances of phishing agents stealing your website’s identity. As such, an SSL provides you with the tools you need to remain safe. It is up to you to remain cautious and vigilant.

You can see if the website you are viewing has one installed, you see a padlock in the address bar.

SSL Certificates A photograph of a website with SSL implemented

What are the benefits to using an SSL Certificate

Obviously there are security benefits to using an SSL certificate on your website but there other benefits also.

SEO Rankings may improve.

An SSL Certificate has SEO Benefits. Google’s search algorithm gives websites a slight boost to your website in their search rankings when your website has an SSL certificate. It might not be noticeable, but it’s one of the many factors Google takes into consideration when calculating where in search results your website should land.

A SSL Certificate on your site Earn Your Users’ Trust

When a user sees an SSL certificate, they can have confidence that their data is secure when it makes it’s way to your web server. An SSL certificate adds credibility and confidence to your website.

How much do SSL certificates cost.

SSL certificates can be super cheap or very expensive. Your SSL choice depends on the type of your website and budget. Free SSL certificates are available at Let’s Encrypt, many hosting providers also support Let’sEncrypt that makes them easy to install and are suitable for most small websites, in fact we use SSL Certificates from Let's Encrypt on our own web site. You may require a different certificate for your own website so it may me worth researching what certificate you require for your website as costs vary. i.e. 123reg certificates cost between £50 and £200 a year where as Symantec (formerly verisign) certificates range from $399 to a whopping $1499 per year.

Installing an SLL certificate.

The easiet way to install your hosting provider do this step for you, it may take a couple of days to set up. If your web site is hosted with us contact us first regarding certificate installation.

In Summary

SSL certificate providers a secure connection between the viewer and the website, they also provide other benefits such as potential improvements in SEO rankings and shows that your website is reputable. Certificates are avilable to suit all budgets and needs and are relatively straightforward to install on your web server.

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