Website Hosting, it matters who you use.

Seems like a no brainer but when it comes to hosting you get what you pay for. Cheap hosting will often mean poor support for when things go wrong and even worse, slow performance may mean that you lose viewers and potential customers.

One of our customers contacted us regarding the performance of their website. Pages were slow to load often over 15 seconds and occasionally would not load at all. It turned out to be their hosting providers' server not being up to the job. Their website was on a shared hosting package which means that the hosted website is on a server that hosts other companies websites.

The images below demonstrate the massive performance difference between 2 website hosts. The 1st Image shows the performance of the website measured using GT Metrix. F being the lowest score!!

slow web hosting causes poor user experience

After migrating to a new web host, we used services provided by Siteground. There was a significant speed improvement. The web pages are now loading in about 1.5 seconds. The website is the same as it was before migration same content, images etc. It's just now 10x quicker than before.

Just my changing hosting improved a websites performance by 10x

It is worth investigating to get the best for your company when choosing a host. Useful information on hosting companies can be found on user groups on Social media. Also, other small businesses are often happy to recommend the hosting companies that they use. We are also able to offer website hosting packages to our clients or recommend services from other companies.

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