What is Mobile First Web design and Why you Should Use it

What is Mobile First Web Design?

Mobile first design is a design strategy that when creating a website,  the design should be done for  the smallest screen first and work up to larger screens. Essentially, it's about delivering the right user experience to the right device.

Responsive Vs Mobile First Web Design

Responsive design starts on the desktop and then scales down to the smallest screen. Even though the content and layout contract to fit smartphones, the navigation, content and download speeds are geared more for your traditional website important information may not be initially visible on a mobile device and may also be slow to respond.

Mobile-first design is designed for a smartphone; then the layout can be adapted to be viewed neatly on tablet and desktop devices without too many modifications. When we design a website, the whole design and layout are based on providing an exceptional excellent mobile user-experience with fast download speeds, and a design that will keep your target audience interested, with easy touchscreen navigation and so on.

So in reality, what does mobile-first design mean? Basically, it means when a visitor hits your site on a mobile phone that all the most important information appears on the first screen without having to scroll. Usually, this achieved by using buttons, call to actions and a strong strapline.

As an example, our websites front page on a mobile device (image below). We made our own site very simple to contact us; a user doesn't have to hunt around for a way to contact us. The three large buttons at the top allow our clients to contact us through phone, email, or text easily. We have also included a strapline with the services we offer. Also, we have a call to action (CTA) button; in our case, the CTA button links to our portfolio. 

All websites serve different purposes, for your own site at the very least you should have buttons to make easy for users to navigate or contact you and a CTA button, i.e. a link to your services or a buy it not button. You use a strapline to highlight your services, probably not as boring as our one. Perhaps use this template below for your strapline.

We provide exceptional _________ to _________

For example

We provide exceptional mobile-first web design services to small businesses in Oxfordshire.

If this is of interest to you or your business, we offer several web design and SEO services, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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