What is Social Media Monitoring and why you should be doing it.

Social media monitoring helps you find everything that's relevant to you or your business on social media. It's more than just watching out for mentions, tags, comments, or shares.

Why monitoring social media mentions is so important By gaining customer insights from tracking social media mentions, businesses can uncover quantities of valuable data about how their or prospective customers are interacting with their offerings and that of their competitors.  From this businesses will now have information to create more effective marketing campaigns— as they will now have an understanding of what their customers like and what they don't.

  • Get an Edge on Your Competition By setting up keyword tracking it is possible  to monitor all mentions that relate to your products or services.

  • Improve Customer Service When you are tracking your social media mentions, you can hear both positive and negative feedback. Focus on that feedback to improve your businesses offerings.

  • Identify Influencers and Brand Advocates Finding out who's sharing information about your products.

There is so much data out on social media it is easy to become overwhelmed filtering out the relevant mentions be it positive or negative from the rest of noise on the social media channels. Luckily, there are tools that are available to make the job easier. For own business we have been using Awario.

Awario is a social listening tool that gives brands access to data that matters to their business: insights on their customers, market, and competitors. ... Awario comes from the same company that created the powerful SEO tools collectively known as SEO PowerSuite.


social media monitoring and listening for mentions

Awario allows for searches to be set up, in this case we have created a boolean search to look for specific phrases from Twitter and Facebook in the UK over a seven day period. Boolean search is a more accurate method for performing the most accurate Social Media Monitoring.

A simple search builder Awario

Awario also has a simple search builder tool that can easily build a simple query that can be converted to a boolean search at a later stage.

After you search filters have been set up the magic will start to happen. Depending on how well the search filters were set up you start getting a list of your mentions from various social media channels.

You can interact with these mentions to generate leads for your business.

Awario social media mentions results

The Awario dashboard provides valuable insights on your mentions and potential new clients or leads.

Awario social media listening dashboard

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